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Cleaning Solar Panels

The Importance of Cleaning Solar Panels

If you’ve recently invested in solar panels for your home or business, you might be wondering how often you need to clean these panels. It’s so important to cleaning solar panels on a regular basis, so that they can continue to effectively do their job. Keep reading to discover more about cleaning solar panels and how our team can help you with this task.

Why Do You Need to Cleaning Solar Panels?

Dirt on your solar panels will prevent light from entering, which is the main energy source for these panels. They are created to work by letting light enter the solar cells, so with any type of dirt or grime in the way, they are unlikely to be very effective. Dust, pollen, bird debris, and other types of dirt all build up and stop light from reaching the solar cells. In the long term, this will lead to less energy production, which defeats the purpose of investing in solar panels in the first place.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Solar Panels

The efficiency of your solar panels will increase greatly with regular cleaning sessions. In fact, in commercial installations, this could improve efficiency by up to 60%. Many companies actually require you to regularly the cleaning solar panels as part of your warranty. When you don’t show proof of cleaning, you might find that you aren’t covered should you need to claim on your warranty. It’s always best to play it safe in this area in case you find there’s an issue further down the line. Our team is experienced at cleaning solar panels, so we will also be able to point out any areas of concern on your roof. You’ll also find that your solar panels look much more attractive when they are cleaned, creating a more welcoming first impression for your property.

Extend the Life of Your Solar Panels

There’s no denying that installing solar panels isn’t a cheap task. You will have invested a good amount of money installing solar panels in your home or workplace, so you’ll want to make sure they offer you years of energy production. When you don’t manage to clean them often enough, you’ll find that your ROI could significantly decrease. During a solar panel cleaning session, we’ll also be able to inspect your solar panels for any damage. This is a good way to keep on top of any maintenance that might be needed, allowing you to evaluate how well your solar panels are working at the current time.

As you can see, there are many reasons that you should book regular cleaning Solar Panels. When you invest so much time and money into this addition to your home or commercial building, you need to ensure they’ll last you for years to come. Our team will be on hand at any time to offer cleaning Solar Panels. The height at which you need to work to clean these panels means that you should always leave this job to the professionals. Contact us today for more information about solar panel cleaning or to book your next cleaning session with our team.

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