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Deck Restoration washington dc

Professional Deck Restoration & Cleaning all across Washington dc, Maryland, and North Virginia.

The Best Deck Restoration Company in DC, MD, VA

Between Cleaning LLC offers the finest deck restoration services in Washington DC, North Virginia, and Maryland. We can power wash and stain, sand and paint, or reinstall existing wood boards for you professionally and efficiently. SCHEDULE A FREE VISIT.

We specialize in cleaning, renovating, restoring, and protecting the decks on multi-family homes, single-family homes, commercial buildings, and even commercial decks. We feature a mildew-resistant finish and save you over 50% compared to deck replacements.

deck restoration washington dc

When do you Need a Deck Restoration?

Deck restoration is something that should be done on a yearly basis to keep the wood on your deck in top shape. If you have wooden decks, you’ll need to do a regular inspection and maintenance to avoid the deterioration of your wood.

Staining your deck is a great way to give it new life and keep it free from fading and peeling issues. However, if done wrong, patio stains won’t survive prolonged and must be repaired.

Not only is it difficult, but it can also endanger the wood used in the deck if it is not done by a seasoned professional.

We recommend getting it set up first and doing maintenance after six months. GET A FREE ESTIMATE

Why Choose Between Cleaning LLC?

We know how important the cleanliness of your deck is to you. It’s more than just a place to relax; it’s your sanctuary from the rest of the world.

We specialize in ensuring that the decks of homeowners, commercial property owners, and rental property managers are always ready for action.

  • Your deck will look new again with a refreshed look
  • With improved durability and safety, your terrace will be more enjoyable
  • Tinting prevents sun damage
  • The PressureLess
  • Cleaning System Gentle on Wood
  • Wood’s grain and texture will be highlighted after Staining
  • Free Wood Evaluation
  • Service & product price match guarantee

From one-time cleaning to monthly cleaning services, we are your one-stop shop for all your deck cleaning needs.

deck restoration company md va dc

Best Deck Restoration Near Me

Is there an ongoing problem with your deck? Before it is too late, deck repairs must be addressed immediately, from damaged boards to post replacements. If you encounter any deck problems, we have the expertise to fix them.

Between Cleaning LLC takes a comprehensive approach to deck maintenance and restoration. It’s important that you have an outdoor living space that lasts many years and looks great for a long time to come.

  • Warped, Split, Or Cracked Deck Boards
  • Loose Screws And Nails
  • Rotten Post And Wood
  • Discolouration And Stains
  • Unstable Railings And Stairs
  • Pests Infestation And Molds

Take immediate action if you see any or all of these visible signs on your deck. You can always speak with a professional contractor if you are still unsure whether you need a replacement, restoration, or repair. You don’t have to ask: What contractors offer deck repair near me? We are here to help you. Providing deck repair and restoration services in Washington DC, Maryland, and North Virginia is what we specialize in.

We can discuss the cost-effective options and high-quality services you deserve by calling (240) 917-5323 today.



Decks take about 4 weeks to dry completely after being submerged under water. If you’re using a solar power system, the drying time will be shorter.
If you have a deck, you will likely need to clean it at some point. A properly maintained deck is a great place to spend time. Having a clean deck allows you to enjoy your outdoor space more enjoyably.
It is important to have your deck thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every year. The chemicals used in the cleaning process can cause harm to plants and wildlife. If you will have the deck professionally cleaned, make sure to ask about the type of chemicals used.
It is generally recommended that you clean your deck after rain. This is because rain tends to wash away any chemicals applied to the deck.
It is important to clean your deck on a regular basis. You should clean it when you notice small spots and stains on the deck.

The Trusted Deck Cleaners

Mark Van Dyke
Mark Van Dyke
Deck Restoration
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Edwin with Between Cleaning completed work on our back deck. He power washed, sanded, and stained the entire deck and it looks brand new. Couldn’t be more please with the work here and would recommend him to anyone!
Juan Amar
Juan Amar
Deck Restoration
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They did an excellent job pressure washing the sidings and deck, and cleaning the gutters. Because I was happy with the work they did, I rehired them to apply sealant on my deck. I would highly recommend!
Lisa Hublitz
Lisa Hublitz
Deck Restoration
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They were so easy to work with. I needed the siding on the back of my townhouse cleaned over a weekend and they were able to get it done, and power wash the deck for a fair price. I am so happy that they were so responsive and I would hire them again. They did a great job! I highly recommend.
Jiung Kim
Jiung Kim
Deck Restoration
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Wow. I cannot recommend Between Cleaning enough. They came out to power wash and stain my deck and did such a great job I had them come back to get more projects done. They painted one of my bedrooms, painted over a ceiling stain. I’d give them 6 stars if I could.