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We provide commercial and residential roof cleaning throughout the DC metro area.

Keep Your Roof in Great Shape with Between Cleaning

Your roof is the first line of protection between your home and the harsh weather that we face here on the East Coast. Rain, snow, wind, and ice can damage your home and cause expensive problems. But with a clean and well-maintained roof, you can keep your property and belongings safe.

Homeowners, property managers, offices, restaurants, and other businesses in the area trust us to keep their roofs and gutters clean and functioning properly. Get in touch with Between Cleaning today to schedule your free estimate!

Roof Cleaning

When do you Need a Deck Restoration?

Deck restoration is something that should be done on a yearly basis to keep the wood on your deck in top shape. If you have wooden decks, you’ll need to do a regular inspection and maintenance to avoid the deterioration of your wood.

Staining your deck is a great way to give it new life and keep it free from fading and peeling issues. However, if done wrong, patio stains won’t survive prolonged and must be repaired.

Not only is it difficult, but it can also endanger the wood used in the deck if it is not done by a seasoned professional.

We recommend getting it set up first and doing maintenance after six months. GET A FREE ESTIMATE

Why Roof Cleaning is Important

It’s easy to overlook the importance of roof cleaning, especially if your roof is difficult to see from ground level. But don’t be fooled—roofs can get dirty, and if left unmaintained, it can lead to serious problems.

Dirt, moss, and fungi can collect on shingles over time. This buildup can lead to moisture issues and weaken your roof. Our roof cleaning services will remove anything that builds up on your roof, including:

  • Algae
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Lichen
  • Moss
  • Leaves and twigs
  • Bird nests
  • Oxidation on metal roofs

Shingle cleaning also provides a good opportunity to inspect the roof. A good roof cleaning company will let you know if they see any signs of damage that need to be fixed. Without roof cleaning services, damage might go unnoticed for long enough to become a large and expensive problem.

Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning

With our commercial roof cleaning services in the DC metro area, we can keep your roof looking and functioning its best for years to come. Many commercial buildings have flat or slightly sloped roofs that tend to collect debris. This can open up the possibility for water damage and more. With regular roof cleaning, this won’t be a problem!

Roof cleaning not only protects your commercial building from damage, but it also helps improve curb appeal. Keep your business looking and performing its best by scheduling regular roof cleaning and maintenance!

Residential Roof Cleaning

Whether your home has asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal roofing, or composite shingles, you need roof cleaning services. This is especially true if there are trees nearby that drop leaves and twigs onto your roof.

We provide top-quality roof cleaning in Washington DC, NoVA, and Maryland. Our friendly, experienced professionals will safely clean your roof and leave it looking brand-new for an affordable price. Call us today to get started!


The cost depends on the size of your roof. Get in touch for a free estimate!

Roof cleaning frequency depends on how quickly debris builds up and how quickly moss begins growing. This can vary greatly from one building to the next, depending on the slope, the direction the roof faces, how close nearby trees are, and more. Many experts recommend shingle cleaning every two to three years.

Yes, if you aren’t afraid of heights and you have the right tools, you can clean your roof yourself. Take care to avoid damaging your roof, as pressure washers and other cleaning methods may cause damage.

It is generally recommended that you clean your deck after rain. This is because rain tends to wash away any chemicals applied to the deck.
It is important to clean your deck on a regular basis. You should clean it when you notice small spots and stains on the deck.

The Trusted Deck Cleaners

Mark Van Dyke
Mark Van Dyke
Deck Restoration
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Edwin with Between Cleaning completed work on our back deck. He power washed, sanded, and stained the entire deck and it looks brand new. Couldn’t be more please with the work here and would recommend him to anyone!
Juan Amar
Juan Amar
Deck Restoration
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They did an excellent job pressure washing the sidings and deck, and cleaning the gutters. Because I was happy with the work they did, I rehired them to apply sealant on my deck. I would highly recommend!
Lisa Hublitz
Lisa Hublitz
Deck Restoration
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They were so easy to work with. I needed the siding on the back of my townhouse cleaned over a weekend and they were able to get it done, and power wash the deck for a fair price. I am so happy that they were so responsive and I would hire them again. They did a great job! I highly recommend.
Jiung Kim
Jiung Kim
Deck Restoration
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Wow. I cannot recommend Between Cleaning enough. They came out to power wash and stain my deck and did such a great job I had them come back to get more projects done. They painted one of my bedrooms, painted over a ceiling stain. I’d give them 6 stars if I could.